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Sri Lanka Woodshrike / Ceylon Wood Shrike
(වන-කෞල් ඇස්පටියා)
Tephrodornis affinis

Photographed in Kalkudah area, it was inside the shade of a tree which meant I had to take the photos in low light without even knowing what species I was photographing. I had to get creative to improve the light with editing to see the beauty of the bird. 

Images 6 and 7 are from the outskirts of Nilgala forest.

Sri Lanka Woodshrike
Large Cuckooshrike
(මහ කොවුල්-සරටිත්තා)
Coracina macei

Yet to capture image

Large Cuckooshrike
Bar-winged Flycatcher Shrike / Pied Flycatcher-Shrike (වෛරපිය මැසි-සරටිත්තා) Hemipus picatus

First seen at Sinharaja rain forest this guy was sitting high in the canopy. (Image 1 & 2)

Then on the outskirts of 'Bodinagala' forest reserve, I took images 3 and 4.

Images 5 to 7 are from Horton Plains National Park.

Bar-winged Flycatcher Shrike
Small Minivet
(පුන්චි මිනිවිත්තා)
Pericrocotus cinnamomeus

Seen at Rathnapura, I didn't initially think I was able to take a good picture. It was a pleasant surprise when I was browsing through the images. Such a beautifully coloured bird. 

Small Minivet
Flame Minivet / Orange Minivet
(දිලිරත් මිනිවිත්තා)
Pericrocotus flammeus

Images 1 and 2 are of a female Flame Minivet seen on the outskirts of Sinharaja forest. The next set of photographs of a male and female from the outskirts of the 'Bodinagala' forest reserve where a pair of them were playing around. Such beautiful yellows and oranges.


Images 12 to 19 are from the outskirts of the Sinharaja rainforest. One of the flashiest birds in Sri Lanka.

Flame Minivet
Black-headed Cuckooshrike
(කලු-හිස් කොවුල්-සරටිත්තා)
Coracina melanoptera

This female Black-headed Cuckooshrike is photographed near the 'Bodinagala' forest reserve. After a rainy start to the trek, I was utterly disappointed with the lack of birds around when he showed up. Made my day from that point onwards. 


Images 4 and 5 are from the outskirts of Rathnapura. 

Black-headed Cuckooshrike
Brown Shrike
(බොර සබරිත්තා)
Lanius cristatus

Images 1, 2 and 3 are from Gampaha near the hotel I operate where he was basking in the morning sun. Images 4 and 5 are captured in Ratnapura in the middle of tea cultivation. 

Images 6 to 8 are from Yala where this first-year, non-breeding beauty was flying around inside a bush. I managed to get super close and it put on a superb show for me.

Images 9 to 11 are from Diyasaru park, Thalawathugoda. Image 12 is from the outskirts of Kuchchaveli.

Brown Shrike
Rufous-backed Shrike / Rufous-rumped Shrike (දික්පෙඳ සබරිත්තා)
Lanius schach

For some reason, I have had an image of this beauty for long time which o took in Trincomalee but by mistake never used it. The first 3 images are from there.


I came across another one in Mannar.

Rufous-backed Shrike
Southern Grey Shrike / Great Grey Shrike
(අලු සබරිත්තා)
Lanius excubitor

Yet to capture image

Southern Grey Shrike
Ashy Woodswallow / Ashy Swallow-Shrike
(අලු වනලිහිනියා)
Artamus fuscus

First spotted at 'Anawilundawa' on a cloudy day. (images 1 and 2) Took the pictures without knowing what it was as it was difficult to distinguish features in the bright background.


Came across many more of them in Jaffna and in Chundikulam. (images 3 to 5)


A truly weird-looking bird due to its bluish bill.

Ashy Woodswallow
Bay-backed Shrike
Bay-backed Shrike
(පිට-අලු සබරිත්තා)
Lanius vittatus

The Bay-backed Shrike seen at Udawalawe National Park. A very rare occurrence, he was seen in Yala national park a few years back and now in Udawalawe. I was lucky enough to capture him in a photo using my point-and-shoot.


He is one of the trigger points for me to start this big adventure.

Vagrant species
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