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Crab-Plover, Oystercatcher, Stilt, Avocet and Thick-knees

Crab Plover
Dromas ardeola

Yet to capture image

Critically Endangered
Crab Plover
Eurasian Oystercatcher / Oystercatcher
(යුරේසියා බොලුගුල්ලා)
Haematopus ostralegus

Yet to capture image

Eurasian Oystercatcher
Black-winged Stilt
(කලුපියා ඉපල්පවා)
Himantopus himantopus

Although common, taking a good picture of these guys is tough as they usually stay in open marsh/wetland areas. The 1st picture is from Yala National Park and the next is at Bundala National Park.


In 2018 April, I came across one who was incubating its eggs on the edge of a small waterhole inside Bundala National Park. They were very protective of the eggs and ready to chase away any bird venturing close by.

Black-winged Stilt
Pied Avocet / Avocet
(ගෝමර ඇවසතා)
Recurvirostra avosetta

Yet to capture image

Pied Avocet
Eurasian Thick-knee / Indian Stone Curlew
(යුරේසියා ගොලුකිරලුවා)
Burhinus indicus

First 3 images captured in Mannar once the sun has set and I was heading out calling it a day. Hence the high ISO on the capture. This was the last capture in Mannar on this trip. There were two of them and one immediately disappeared behind the bushes.


Came across a family at Bundala National Park. Mother and Father along with a juvenile. All 3 are quite used to the vehicles hence the close capture. What grumpy looking beauties they are.

Eurasian Thick-knee
Great Thick-knee / Great Stone Plover
Esacus recurvirostris

These odd-looking Great Thick-knee’s were first photographed at the Bundala National Park. They are one of the oddest looking birds I have seen.

Image 4 and 5 from Yala National Park.

Great Thick-knee
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