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Bar-headed goose who flew to Mannar

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

Bar-headed goose are amazing as they are one of the highest-flying birds in the world. In fact, unconfirmed sightings claim that they were observed flying over mount Everest during there winter migration to Indian sub-continent. However, they don’t fly all the way to Sri Lanka during this migration. They are not even identified as a bird that can be seen in Sri Lanka. That is why its so bizarre to find one in Mannar.

On a bright, clear day - 27th of December 2017 - I came across this goose in Mannar. At the time I took the photograph, I didn’t even realise what I was witnessing. Hence the low-quality images as I couldn’t get too close to the other shore of the lake. Once I got back only I realised what a rare sight I have come across.

Imagine just one Bar-headed goose flying over the Himalayas, passing all of the Indian sub-continent and then Palk Strait to come all the way down to Sri Lanka. What story may lay behind this bizarre event? Did he got lost? Was there a problem with his internal compass or he simply wanted to fly further than anyone else in his flock? Guess we will never know the reason.

Hope he liked it in Sri Lanka and flew back safely to find his own kind.

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