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Birding while working in Gampaha

As the 2nd most populous district of Sri Lanka, Gampaha district does not register as a popular destination for birding. Constant human activity and clearing of natural habitats have driven away most of the wildlife. However, certain specialists still thrive in these areas. Due to my work managing Wet Water Resort, I was based close to Gampaha city for 2+ years. Surrounded by waterways, paddy fields and boasting myriad fruit trees, Wet Water Resort was a little oasis for birds. This article is a collection of photographs captured during my off-hours during my time at Gampaha. #gampaha #birdsingampaha #wetwateresort

Located just a few kilometres away from the main city of Gampaha, Wet Water Resort provides as escape from the buzzing city and is an area full of trees and waterways.

Its location surrounded by paddy fields and waterways create a good habitat specially for water birds. The myriad of fruit trees attract birds and insects.

With all the water surrounding the place, Kingfishers are a constant sight.

Also, its a paradise for herons. Indian Pond Herons and Striated Herons are a common sight while if your lucky you can spot a Black Bittern also. Purple Herons and Grey Herons are a quite common in the surrounding marshlands.

Other water birds such as Cormorants, White-breasted Waterhens and Purple Swamphens make regular appearances in the surrounding area. There is a small waterhole right next to the buzzing main road which is a great location to spot most of them. If one is patient enough, you will see more rarer water birds such as Greater Painted-snipe. Lesser Whistling-ducks make constant landings on to this waterhole although taking a decent picture is very difficult as they are very vigilant about human activity.

Others who make regular appearances include Asian Koels, Black-hooded Orioles, Brown-headed Barbets and White-bellied Drongos. The Common Myna, Oriental Magpie Robin and the Yellow-billed Babblers are not even worth mentioning as they are so common. Bit more rarer once I have seen include Asian Paradise-flycatchers, Brown Shrike, Black-headed Cuckooshrike, different species of Woodpeckers and Green Imperial Pigeons. Forest Wagtails also make common appearances during their migratory season. With all this activity, birds of pray are not that far away as well.

As if all these birding activity is not enough, you will surely run in to domestic ducks also who call Wet Water Resort home.

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